List of things allegedly caused by global warming

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a rose by any other name smells of nothingAcneAfrica devastatedAfrica in conflictAfrican aid threatenedAfrican holocaustaged deathsaggressive weedsAir France crashair pocketsair pressure changesairport farewells virtualairport malariaAl Qaeda and Taliban Being HelpedAlaskan towns slowly destroyedalgal bloomsallergy increasealligators in the ThamesAlps meltingAmazon a desertAmerican dream endamphibians breeding earlier (or not)anaphylactic reactions to bee stingsancient forests dramatically changedanimals head for the hillsanimals shrinkAntarctic grass flourishesAntarctic ice growsAntarctic ice shrinksAntarctic sea life at riskArctic bogs meltArctic ice freeArctic ice melt fasterArctic in bloomArctic tundra lostArctic warming (not)asteroid strike riskatmospheric circulation modifiedattack of the killer jellyfishavalanches increasedavalanches reducedBaghdad snow,Bahrain under waterbananas growbarbarisationbeef shortagebeer and bread prices to soarbeer betterbeer worsebet for $10,000big melt faster,billion dollar research projectsbillion homelessbillions face riskbillions of deathsbird loss acceleratingbird populations dyingbird strikesbird visitors dropbirds confusedbirds decline (Wales)birds driven northbirds face longer migrationsbirds on long migrations threatenedbirds return earlybirds shrink (USA)birds shrink(Aus)bittern boom endsblackbirds stop singingblackbirds threatenedblizzardsblood contaminatedblue mussels return,bluetongueborders redrawnbrains shrinkbrewers droopbridge collapse (Minneapolis)Britain one big cityBritain's bananasBritish monsoonbrothels strugglebrown Irelandbubonic plagueBuddhist temple threatenedbuilding season extensionbushfiresbutterflies move northbutterflies reelingbutterfly savedCambodian sex trade fuelledcamel deathscancercancer deaths in Englandcannibalismcarbon crimescardiac arrestcaribou declinecaterpillar biomass shiftcats more amorouscave paintings threatenedchagas diseasechildren's mental healthchocolate shortageCholeracircumcision in decline,cirrus disappearanceclownfish get lostcoast beauty spots lostcoffee berry borercoffee berry diseasecoffee threatenedcold climate creatures survive,cold spells (Australia)cold wave (India)cold weather (world)cold winterscolder waters (Long Island)computer modelsconflictconflict with Russiacoral bleachingcoral fish suffercoral reefs growcoral reefs shrinkcoral reefs twilightcost of trillionscougar attackscrabgrass menacecradle of civilisation threatenedcreatures move uphillcrocodile sexcrocodiles driven from watercrop failures increasecrops devastatedcross-breedingcrumbling roads buildings and sewage systemscryptococcal diseasecurriculum changedamselflies forced back to UKdanger to kid's healthDarfurDartford Warbler plaguedeadly virus outbreaksdeath rate dropdeath rate increase (US)deaths to reach 6 milliondecades of progress at riskDengue hemorrhagic fever,depressiondermatitisdesert advancedesert retreatDesertification of Jifara Plaindestruction of the environmentdiarrhoeadisastersdiseases move northdiving reefs closeddog diseasedroughtdrowning peopledust bowl in the corn beltdust doublesEarth axis tiltEarth biodiversity crisisEarth crumblingEarth dyingEarth even hotterEarth light dimmingEarth lopsidedEarth meltingEarth morbid feverEarth on fast trackEarth past point of no returnEarth slowing downEarth spins fasterEarth to explodeearth upside downearthquakesEl Nio intensificationemerging infectionsencephalitisend of the world as we know itEnglish villages lostequality threatenederosionEurope simultaneously baking and freezingeutrophicationeveryplace hit hardestexpansion of university climate groupsexperts muzzledextinctions a million speciesextinctions barrier reefextinctions civilisationextinctions cod,extinctions flowersextinctions half of all animal and plant speextinctions humanextinctions Inuitextinctions koalasextinctions ladybirdsextinctions leachesextinctions lizardsextinctions logicextinctions mountain speciesextinctions not polar bearsextinctions pandasextinctions penguinsextinctions pikasextinctions plantsextinctions polar bearsextinctions possumsextinctions rhinocerosextinctions salmonextinctions smallest butterflyextinctions tigersextinctions toadsextinctions tropical insectsextinctions troutextinctions turtlesextinctions walrusextinctions wild flowersextinctions woodlice,extinctions apeextinctions penguinsextreme changes to Californiafading fall foliagefaminefarm output boostfarmers benefitfarming soil decline,fashion disasterfeverfigurehead sackedfir cone bonanzafires fanned in Nepalfish biggerfish catches dropfish deaffish downsizefish feminisedfish get lostfish head northfish lopsidedfish stocks at riskfish stocks declinefive million illnessesflesh eating diseaseflies on Everestflood of migrants,flood preparation for crisisfloodsfloods of beaches and citiesflora dispersedFlorida economic declineflowers in perilflying squirrels move upfog decrease in San Franciscofog increase in San Franciscofood poisoningfood prices risefood prices soarfood production increasedfood safety affected,food security threat (SA)football team migrationforest declineforest expansionfoundations increase grantsfrog with extra headsfrost damage increasedfrostbitefrostsfungi fruitfulfungi invasionfungi rot the worldgames changeGarden of Eden wiltsgeese decline in Hampshiregene pools slashedgenetic changesgenetic diversity declinegeysers imperiledgiant icebergs (Arctic)giant icebergs (Australia)giant oysters invadegiant pythons invadegiant squid migrategingerbread houses collapseglacial earthquakesglacial retreatglacier grows (California)glacier wrappedglaciers on Snowdenglowing cloudsgolf course to drowngolf Masters wreckedgrain output drop (China)grain output stagnating (India)grandstandinggrasslands wettergravity shiftGreat Barrier Reef 95% deadgreat tits copegreening of the NorthGrey whales lose weightGulf Stream failurehabitat loss,Hantavirus pulmonary syndromeharvest increaseharvest shrinkagehay fever epidemichealth affectedhealth of children harmedhealth riskshealth risks (even more)heart attacks and strokes (Australia)heart deathsheart diseaseheat waveshedgehogs baldhibernation affectedhibernation ends too soonhomeless 50 millionhornetshuman development faces unprecedented reversahuman fertility reducedhuman health riskhuman race oblivion,human rights violationshurricane reductionhurricaneshurricanes fewerhurricanes more intensehurricanes nothyperthermia deathshyphthermia deathsice ageice hockey extinctice sheet growthice sheet shrinkageice sheet tipping pointicebergsillegal immigrationillness and deathinclement weatherIndia drowningindigestionindustry threatenedinfectious diseasesinfrastructure failure (Canada)insect invasioninsurance premium risesInuit poisonedInuit suinginvasion of alien wormsinvasion of Antarctic aliensinvasion of Asian carpinvasion of cane toadsinvasion of caterpillarsinvasion of catsinvasion of crabgrassinvasion of heronsinvasion of jellyfishinvasion of king crabsinvasion of midgesinvasion of pine beetlesinvasion of rats (China)invasion of slugsisland disappearsislands sinkingitchier poison ivyJapan's cherry blossom threatenedjellyfish explosionjets fall from skyKew Gardens taxedkiller cornflakeskilling uskitten boomkoalas leaves inediblekoalas under threatkrill declinelake emptieslake shrinking and growing,landslideslarge trees declinelawsuit successfullawsuits increaselawyers want morelawyers' income increased (surprise surprise!legionnaires' surge,lightning related insurance claimslives lostlives savedlizards super intelligentlobsters growLoch Ness monster deadlow oxygen zones threaten sea life,Lyme diseaseLyme diseaseMajor vegetation shiftsmammoth ivory bonanzamanatees battleMaple production advancedMaple syrup shortagemarine diseasesmarine food chain decimatedmarmots fatterMeaching (end of the world)Meat eating to stopMediterranean risesMelanomaMelanoma decline,melting permafrostmental health declinemental illnessmethane burpsmethane emissions from plantsmethane runawayMexican climate migrant flood,microbes to decompose soil carbon more rapidlMiddle Kingdom convulsesmigrationmigratory birds huge lossesmilk production lostmonkeys on the moveMont Blanc growsmonuments imperiledmoose dyingmore bad air daysmortality increasedmortality lowermosquitoes adaptingmountain (Everest) shrinkingmountaineers fearsmountains break upmountains green and floweringmountains tallerMubarak fallmurder rate increasemusk ox declinenarwhals at risknarwhals suffocateNational security implicationsnative wildlife overwhelmednatural disasters quadrupleneurological diseases,new islandsnext ice agenflation in ChinaNile delta damagednoctilucent cloudsNorthwest Passage openednuclear plants bloomoaks dyingoaks move northobesityocean acidificationocean acidification fasterocean deserts expandocean oxygen crisisocean salt extremesocean waves speed upocust plagues suppressedOlympic Games to endopera house to be destroyedowls turn brownoxygen depletion zonesoyster diseasesoyster herpesozone repair slowedozone risepeat bogs no problempeat bogs problempenguin chicks frozenpenguin chicks smallerpenguin populations devastatedpenguins in the darkpenguins replaced by jellyfishpenguins sex lives affectedpersonal carbon rationingpest outbreakspests increasepets in dangerphenology shiftspines declinepirate population decreasepirates run rampantplankton bloomsplankton plummetingplankton wiped outplant virusesplants lose proteinplants march northplants move uphillpolar bears aggressivepolar bears deafpolar bears drowningpolar bears fewer cubspollination halved,poppies more potentporpoise astrayprofits collapsepsychiatric illnesspsychosocial disturbancespuffin declinepushes poor women into prostitutionrabid batsradars taken outrail network threatenedrainfall increaserainfall reductionrainforest destructionrape wavereindeer endangeredreindeer larger,release of ancient frozen virusesresorts disappearrespiratory diseases worsenrice less fragrantrice production fallrice threatenedrift on Capitol Hill,rioting and nuclear warriver flow impactedriver reroutedrivers raisedroad accidentsroads wear outrobins rampantroof of the world a desertrooftop barsRoss river diseaseRussia under pressuresalinity increasesalinity reductionsalmon strongerSalmonellasardine run unpredictablesatellites accelerateSchmallenberg virusschool closuressea level risesea level rise fastersea snotseals mating moreseismic activitysevere thunderstorms,sewer bills risesex changesexual dysfunctionsexual promiscuityshark attackssharks hybridisesharks moving northsheep change colourshop closuresshort-nosed dogs endangeredshrimp sex problemsshrinking pondsshrinking sheepshrinking shrineSidney Opera House wiped outski resorts threatenedskinks impactedslaveryslow deathsmaller brainssmogsnow thickersnowfall heavysnowfall increasesoaring food pricessocietal collapse,soil subsidencesongbirds change eating habitssour grapessoybean crop to dropspace junk increasespace problemspectacular orchidsspider bites to increasespider danger in UKspiders getting biggerspiders invade Scotlandsquid aggressive giantssquid population explosionsquirrels reproduce earlier,starfish sperm eaten by parasitesstingray invasionstorm damage costs risestorms wetterstreet crime to increasesuicidesunset displacedswordfish in the BalticTabasco tragedytaxestea flavour changetectonic plate movementteenage prostitutionterrorists (India)thatched cottages at riskthreat to peaceticks move northward (Sweden)tides risetigers drowntigers eat peopletornado outbreaktourism increasetoxic bacteriatrade barrierstrade winds weakenedtransport snarltransportation threatenedtree beetle attackstree foliage increase (UK)tree growth fastertree growth slowedtreelines changetrees grow too fasttrees in troubletrees less colourfultrees lushtrees more colourfultrees on Antarcticatropics expansiontropopause raised,truffle shortagetruffles downtruffles increaseturtles crashturtles lay earlierUFO sightingsUK coastal impactUK Katrinavampire batsVenice flooded,volcanic eruptionswalnuts threatenedwalrus pups orphanedwalrus stampedewalruses come ashorewars over waterwars sparkedwars threaten billionswater bills doublewater scarcity (20% of increase)water shortage to increase vegetarianismwave of natural disasterswaves biggerweather out of its mindweather patterns awryweather patterns last longerweedsWest Nile feverWestern aid cancelled outwhale beachingswhales lose weight,whales move northwhales wiped outwheat rust in Syriawheat yields crushed in Australiawhite Christmas dream endswild boars thrivewildfireswind reducedwind shiftwinds strongerwinds weakerwine - Australian bakedwine - England too hotwine - more Englishwine - Scotland bestwine -German boonwine -no more Frenchwine industry damage (California)wine industry disaster (US)wine pass (Napa)wine strongerwinter in Britain deadwinters in Britain colderwitchcraft executionswolverine declinewolverines vanishwomen cheat on vacationWorld at warWorld bankruptcyWorld in crisisWorld War 4World-famous places threatenedzebra mussel threatzoonotic diseases,

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Afghan poppies destroyedAfrica hit hardestallergy season longeranxiety treatmentArctic lakes disappearAtlantic less saltyAtlantic more saltybeetle infestationBlack Hawk downcockroach migrationconsumers foot the billcoral reefs dyingcrime increasedaylight increaseflowers wiltfoundations threatenedhaggis threatenedhydropower problemsInuit displacementlandslides of ice at 140 mphMalariamegacryometeorssoil changestratospheric cooling,

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Dead Links

African summer frostagricultural land increaseAgulhas currentAlaska reshapedanxietyarchaeological sites threatenedArctic tundra to burnasthma,atmospheric defiancebananas destroyedbats declinebeer shortagebird distributions changeblizzardsboredombrain eating amoebaeBritain Siberian,British gardens changebudget increasesbuilding collapsebusiness opportunitiesbusiness riskscataractscataractschallenges and opportunities,childhood insomniacivil unrestcloud increasecloud strippingcod go southcold spellsconferencescremation to endcyclones (Australia)damages equivalent to $200 billiondesert life threateneddig sites threateneddisappearance of coastal citiesDolomites collapsedozen deadly diseasesdrought in distant regionsducks and geese declineearlier pollen seasonearly marriagesearly springEarth spinning out of controlEarth wobblingearthquakes reduxevolution accelerating extinctions extinctions batsextinctions elephantsextinctions frogsextinctions gorillasextinctions koalasextinctions orang-utanextinctions pigmy possumsextinctions salamandersextinctions tigersextinctions turtlesextinctions whalesfaintingfarmers go underfish catches risefish shrinkingflames stokedflood patterns changefootpath erosionglacial growthglobal coolingglobal dimminggod meltsGore omnipresence,Great Lakes dropharmful algaehazardous waste sites breachedhibernation ends too latehigh court debatesHIV epidemichuman health improvement,ice shelf collapseinsect explosioninvasion of lampreysItaly robbed of pastajet stream drifts northkidney stoneslake and stream productivity decline,little response in the atmospherelost $350 billionlush growth in rain forestsmalnutrition mammoth dung meltmango harvest failsMaple production advancedmarine dead zonemental illness (Alberta)migration difficult (birds)minorities hitmonkeys at riskmore research neededmountains melting,mudslidesMyanmar cycloneNational Parks damagedNFL threatenedno effect in Indiaoblivionocean dead spotsocean dead zones unleashedoceans noisieroutdoor hockey threatenedozone lossPacific dead zoneplankton destabilisedplankton losspolar bears cannibalisticpolar bears starvepolar tours scrappedpopcorn riserailroad tracks deformedrefugeesrice yields crashrichesrivers dry uprockfallsrocky peaks crack apartruins ruined,sharks boomingsheep shrinkskin cancersmelt downsnowfall decreasesnowfall reductionsquid largersquid tamedstick insectsstormwater drains stressedsubsidenceteenage drinkingterrorismtomatoes rottoxic seaweedtraffic jamstree growth increasedtrees could return to Antarctictsunamis,tundra plant life boostturtle feminiseduprooted - 6 millionVampire mothsviolin declinevolcanoes awakened in Icelandwalrus displacedwarwar between US and Canadawaspswater stresswater supply unreliabilitywine - harm to Australian industrywolves eat lesswolves eat more mooseworkers laid offWorld in flamesYellow fever,

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150000 death per yearafrican dead treeairport plan cancelledalien attackarab springarctic shipping laneaustralia firebaby penguin deathbillions hungrybird getting biggerbird migration changebird shrinksbubonic plague decreasecats number spikeschange fish sex ratiocherry blossoms earlier,children losing sleepcivil warclimate refugeescoccidioidomycosiscoral bleaching, Rising sea levels, Acidic oceancoral dissapearcorn price volatilecow infertilitycripple winter sportcut hydro power disease risedolphin stranded on beachearly marriageearly spaghetti harvestearth explodeearth explodeearthquakes, landslides and volcanoeselephantelephant seals dive deepereuropean freezeextinction dooms million speciesextreme weather patternsfall of roman empirefall of us empirefamine in somaliafarming difficultfertility drop, birth rate dropfishery lossfloods and droughtsforest increase growthgreater seismic activitygreek tourismgreenland life improvinggreenland losing icehawaii beach vanishHeat Fatalitieshoney bee killing,human shorterice ageiceland volcanoes angryisland nations sinkKill Peoplekiller stormlarger wildfireslizard super intelligentlocust swarm worsen,mega tsunamisMelting Glaciermissouri river floodMore Home Runs in Baseballmore poison ivymore tsunamismore volcanoesoil price lowerolympics endpirate population decreaseplague worsenplants move 2.7m upwardspolar bear toothachepovertyprince trapped in arcticreduce corn wheat harvestrise of inca empireriver dryriver flow riseriver losing waterrome fellrunway lengthenedsea level declinesea life must swim fasterseaports need planSevere Stormsskin cancerteen girl prostitutionterrorism increasethreat to wi-fi range and signal strengththreaten italy pastathreaten nepal,threaten rice productiontooth decay in children increasedvampire bat migrationwarwinter coolingwinters colder and warmerworld war iv,

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Syrian war

It seems that Syrian war is also caused by the global warming.

2013 conflict in Syria blamed on drought caused by global warming — Flashback 1933: ‘YO-YO BANNED IN SYRIA – Blamed For Drought By Moslems’

Global warming blamed for more maladies.

Real Science reaction: 'In 1933, Syrian experts blamed drought on the use of Yo-Yos. Now we have Yo-Yos blaming it on CO2'

Latest science refutes global warming/drought claims: Globally, 'there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years.'

Climate Change turns women

American Cities

Strains on American military

Strains on American military and intelligence agencies

Maya civilization collapse

Researchers find linkages between climate change and political, human impacts among ancient Maya

Conflict in Africa

"Climate variability and conflict risk in East Africa, 1990–2009 John O’Loughlina,1, Frank D. W. Witmera, Andrew M. Linkea, Arlene Laingb, Andrew Gettelmanc, and Jimy Dudhiab a Institute of Behavioral Science and Department of Geography, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0483; bMesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO 80307-3000; and cClimate and Global Dynamics Division, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO 80307-3000
Edited* by B. L. Turner, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, and approved September 11, 2012 (received for review March 27, 2012)

increased CO2 may ruin future WiFi connections

A 2011 report from the U.K.’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that climate change could affect certain infrastructure, like wireless internet. The Guardian reports, “higher temperatures can reduce the range of wireless communications, rainstorms can impact the reliability of the signal, and drier summers and wetter winters may cause greater subsidence, damaging masts and underground cables,” according to secretary of state for the environment.