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Metrics collection tools for C and C++ Source Code

This page lists various static code analysis tools that compute metrics defined on C and C++ source code. The metrics are primarily size and complexity of various types (lines of code, Halstead, McCabe, etc.).

Tips menggunakan mercurial

untuk membuat suatu direktori dapat diakses suatu group:

mkdir /home/mercurial/project-x
cd /home/mercurial/project-x
hg init
chgrp project-x .hg .hg/* .hg/store/*
chmod g+w .hg .hg/* .hg/store/*
chmod g+s .hg .hg/store .hg/store/data


Playing with Linux Device Driver

Untitled Document

Here are necessary steps to play with Linux Device Driver:

Have fun !

Analyzing Global-warming Science

TNA: Those who blame mankind for causing global warming would respond to that point by saying that the Earth is the warmest it’s been in 400 years, and that’s significant.

Dr. Robinson: They’re right, but they only show you the data from the last 400 years. If the data for a longer time interval is considered, temperatures today are seen to be not especially warm. The current temperature is about average for the past 3,000 years. It was much warmer during the Medieval Climate Optimum 1,000 years ago (see Figure 1). The climate, as we know from historical records, was just fine during that warm period. In fact, it was a little better. So, yes, it is the warmest in 400 years.
Moreover, the temperature, which is going up very slowly, is correlated with the sun’s activity, not hydrocarbon use (see Figure 3).

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